Bus Depot

"Greyhound offers clean, affordable travel to destinations in Alberta and Saskatchewan daily. We are conveniently located in the heart of the city, and ready to take you wherever you want to go!"

The bus depot is located in Alberta, but barely so: the Saskatchewan border is two blocks further east. The bus schedule is a little wonky, but if you're willing to travel at some odd hours with some odd company, you can get a bus to either Edmonton or Saskatoon easily enough.

Having said that, few leaving the city by bus are either Beasts or Geniuses. The motives and behaviours of those Beasts driven to seek the West are erratic to say the least, but none of those who seek out some mythic place of peace or paradise believe you can get there by buying a Greyhound ticket. Most arrive from the east on foot; none leave.

For the Inspired, a Greyhound ticket carries its own sinister connotations, since the Edmonton Peerage began using it as their own personal sentence of exile. In theory, nothing stops misbehaving Geniuses who got their "ticket punched" from heading right back into Alberta, although the outcome of being shunned by the community and an open target for Lemurians (and worse) makes the prospect less than tempting. Or they could go on into Saskatchewan, if they are prepared to accept the community's damnation at face value. Few self-respecting Geniuses are; the state of the Inspired of Lloydminster is largely built on the tendency of every Genius who arrives to dig in their heels and not go an inch further than they must.

Murphy runs a cafe in the depot. He has seen some shit.

Bus Depot

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