Bud Miller Park

"Founded in 1986, Bud Miller All Seasons Park is a 200-acre playground for you or your group to enjoy. There are so many amenities and fun things to do here, the options are limitless, from fishing to hiking to picnicking. Be sure to bring your swim trunks for a trip through the splash park, or a day at the indoor pool! (NOTE: Please no swimming in the lake.)"

Partially paid for and constructed by Lemurians seeking easy access to the college campus coming into existence nearby, the plans for the park secretly included provisions for an elaborate subterranean base beneath the park's artificial lake. In theory, this would have allowed for a massive zotheca concealed right in the heart of the city, a place for the Lemurians (and Peers) of larger centers to look on with envy, and maybe a chance to elevate the status of the beleaguered city in the eyes of the Inspired community.

In practice, a miscalculation during construction meant that part of the superstructure juts unceremoniously through the lake and clear to the surface (it was hastily disguised as an island, and populated with an aggressive gaggle of animatronic geese to deter people from investigating too closely). The "hydromagnetic filtration field" that was supposed to keep the place watertight was found to operate at less than the promised level of efficiency (on a good day, the mercatus will be damp; on a bad day, a scowling beholden will hand you a pair of hip waders on the way in). And while in terms of per-capita size, it is a good deal larger than the zothecas of Edmonton or Calgary, an increasing amount of that size is given over to storage space for the various leftover bits of Mania-infused flotsam that dying Geniuses have left behind in the city and the Lemurians haven't gotten around to cataloguing.

Of course, this means that for a Genius willing to scrounge for Wonders secondhand, it's a buyer's market. Furthermore, if you're willing to hold your nose and work with the few Lemurians actually interested in digging through the pile of decaying and denaturing junk, well, who's to say whether the latest dead doc left behind five cortical enhancement stents? Your report only lists four…

Bud Miller Park

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